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We design games especially for educational purposes. We create mechanics for the game, produce the content and visualize it with a customer-oriented approach. The basis of gamification is fitting the game mechanics together with the content being taught in a motivational and inspiring way that encourages learning almost by accident.

Educational games are suitable for many different settings and highly diverse target groups. They’re perfect for teaching a variety of school subjects, or the functions of a new element at the workplace, among many other things. The main principle during development is taking different target audiences into consideration and seamlessly fitting the game mechanics and the content being taught together, without still forgetting the visual side and having fun!


By request we can develop individual mini games which can be e.g. implemented on a customer’s website or used for marketing purposes. Mini games can be used to teach a single, strictly defined topic in a fun an concise way.


We create mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms according to the customer’s needs. We can also help launch the applications in app stores. Alternatively we can refine or enhance your existing applications.


We create various visualizations to suit different purposes. Our offerings range from comics strips, illustrations, photos, logos, graphic elements and brochures even to wider publications. Character design services and short animations are also available.


We offer consultations on gamification and related topics, and offer our help and ideas to organizations and companies hoping to gamify their information. Consultations are available via telephone, or through face-to-face and online meetings.


Aside from and in addition to visualizations, we also provide textual content. We create storyboards and stories (with or without illustrations) customized to fit the customer’s needs. We also excel in formatting complex subject matters into clear and accessible texts.