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We are an energetic and imaginative game design company based in Turku, Finland. Our goal is to create digital services with a positive impact on the society around us.

Our core company values are equality, lifelong learning and the joy of playing games.

Ryhmäkuva ScholarBearin pelinkehitystiimistä

Maria Haapasalo (M.A.)

is our project manager who keeps everything tied together. While she’s not screenwriting and gamifying, she ensures that all the mechanics, graphics, text, sound effects and animations fit together and support the information being taught.

Ulriikka Lipasti (B. Culture and Arts)

is a master of visualisation, and well versed in both graphic design and service design. Ulriikka makes sure all the services both look good and feel easy to use. No rough edge or visual flaw in the user interface gets past her attention.

Sallamari Rantanen (B. Engineering)

is our brilliant programmer, who excels in both mobile game and software development. There’s no problem that Sallamari can’t solve, and as an avid gamer she's constantly coming up with ideas for new game mechanics and how to use them for gamification.

Tuuli Hypén (M.A.)

is our illustrator and a renowned cartoonist who feels right at home in the world of digital games. Tuuli’s imagination and fanciful ideas are in a key role when the team is considering how to gamify educational content.